Shaks Mapping Service Manual

The applicable version : V1.1E (Buid 47)
Table of Contents

Introduction of Mapping Services

Touch is the most common interface in smartphones for gaming. However, touch control itself is a lot inconvenient for the gamer, because his fingers can cover the screen, hard to play continuously for a longer time. SHAKS Mapping Services offered by SHAKS Gamepad is to open the new way to play game controller over the mobile touch-only game more comfortably and efficiently.
The Mapping Service is being provided by SHAKS GameHub Application, applicable for SHAKS higher range of series, S2i, S3i, and higher version. This app is not working with other branded product.
We recommend reading this manual, and you may need to update the gamepad firmware via SHAK GameHub App. Please download the latest GameHub App and check the firmware. Note that Mapping Service only available now for Android Smart Phone, and some game publishers (or developers) put a strong limitation on their games for this service for whatever reason, which is beyond our control.


Shaks Gamehub application Download and Installtion

Search "SHAKS GameHub" on Google Play and download it. Click here !
or, scan this QR code for download
( Attention) This manual is based upon firmware version, S2i (200012), S3i/S5i (300013) or later. If not latest firmware, some feature may not work correctly.

Connect to your phone

Set your gamepad into Mapping Mode

Mapping and Android mode are two different modes. Android phones can pair each one of two-mode. Switching between two-mode (Android Mapping), please DELETE the previously paired log, and pairing newly once again. Please click to see the mode and paring section in each model's manual. Unless switching the model, it can be repaired automatically previously set.

(attention) Connected, but appearing "mode(error)" message

This message comes out becasue phone is connected to Android mode. So, such connection log must be deleted and be paired newly.
Solution 1: Select "Delete" and pair bluetooth again
Solution 2: if above 1 is not workable, do
Go to smartphone bluetooth setting
Search gamepad paired in the list
Delete its connection log
Close the setting menu
After a few second, go back to bluetooth setting screen, confirm its deletion
And pair the gamepad again by pairing key in 5-6 second long pressing

Run application and allow edit right

Install GameHub app and allow permission so that Shaks can do mapping over the screen.

How to do Mapping

Playing Game

Add Games : Add new game to register it into the list.
Play game from registered list
Popup appears when you add the game previously but no mapping data.
You can click OK appears in the screen, Then, you can see pop-ups for the mapping wizard. Press 'OK' to see the Shaks icon on the screen.
Pop-up appears when you have previously mapped it or pre-config data available
If you are first time in playing, please select "OK" or "Playing with Mapping edit mode", then appearing the editing icon (Shaks logo) is pop-up.
( Attention! Please edit mapping in key/button layout stage or tutorial phase. If edit is being over main game play, it might be recognized as "paused or stopped". Example, to go key/button editing stage;
Mobile Slamdunk : Setting icon → Key set → custome setting
Battleground Mobile : Right low corner, ▲ button → setting → key set → user setting
Kartrider ruflush : Setting icon → key seting -< personal setting

Edit mapping data

If there is pre-configured mapping data availably by Shaks App, this will be displayed. Then, you can edit it freely.
We are preparing more pre-configured data file continuously.
Shaks icon displays over the screen. Press the Shaks icon.

Editing Menu Uage

Tool Mover : Place the menu area somewhere else so that you can see the hidden location. It only moves up and down, and specified position.
Change Map : A,B two mapping data can be set and saved. Currently, you can register up to two mapping data. If you want to change the mapping data after saving, please refer to the following shortcuts and press the button.
Load : You can retrieve previously saved mapping data on the gamepad.
Clear : Delete all deployed buttons/sticks on the current screen.
Reconnect : This menu is hidden and appears only if there is a problem connecting to the gamepad. It appears when the gamepad is not connected smoothly, and you can click this button to reconnect the gamepad.
Save & Close : Store all mapped data and send it to the gamepad. When the transfer is complete, close the edit screen and return to the game screen. Touch and hold the icon to display a pop-up message. It allows you to set up additional settings for saving, and a check box that allows you to select and save only the data you want to save and exit the full edit mode.

Edit Mapping Data

Press the button or move the stick you want to use on the gamepad. The operating parts available are as follows.
A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, LT, RT
D-pad up/down/right
Left/Right Stick button (L3, R3)
Left Stick (LS) and Right Stick (RS)
The icons can be moved and dragged to the desired position.

Advanced editing methods

Buttons and sticks can be set in more precisely. Press and release the button longer than 2sec.
Button setting
Stick can be adjustd in its way to use and also its size, speed

Quick play without edting mappoing

By pressing "Playing game", you can play the previous game immediately, without Shaks Icon (Editing)

Use Function Key on Shaks gamepad

Among utility function, in mappping mode, Turbo and Sniper mode can be set.
Turbo Function
Sniper Function

How to External Display such as TV or Monitor

When you connect Smartphone to external display, please note below point. We recommend to use Android 10 higher.
Plase connect Wired. Wireless Mirroring may cause detaly and miss-match mapping position.
Set the connected scree as a basic screen, no 2 or 3 one.
Ration should be 16:9 horizently
Due to resolution difference, we recommend to map again if not properall mapped
In Dex Mode (Samsung), do the mapping in full screen size.
Due to too many varient of screen resolution and way of connction via HDMI or USB-C, we can't gurante our support external screen.