(Windows) Gamepad does not work in games.

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2022/10/12 18:46
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2023/09/13 01:36

The first thing to check

Just quit the game first and run it again.
Check if the gamepad is working properly through the site. If you have installed other games, try running them to see if they work properly.
Make sure the gamepad is properly connected. Refer to the manual for each product.
If the gamepad suddenly stops working, the gamepad is on but does not respond to pressing any buttons, or the gamepad does not turn off, prepare a thin wire or paper clip and insert it into the needle hole on the back of the gamepad. try using it again after clicking once.
This is the reset button on the S2 model. The location of the reset button is different for each product.

Countermeasures for each situation

Controller error (Code 10) appears. → The product is not connected correctly.
For wired, disconnect the gamepad, check the designated button correctly and plug in the cable.
For wireless connection, refer to the article below to completely remove the gamepad and reconnect it.
Only the games I play do not work properly. If the gamepad works fine on the site as well as in other games, but does not work well in the specific game you want to play, try the following.
If the game is on, turn off the gamepad only, wait about 10 seconds and then turn on the controller again.
Keep the gamepad on and turn it on again after the game is finished.
For games that fully support gamepads, you may need to operate the gamepad from the moment you start the game in order to use it. (mainly, FC ONLINE, FIFA20 FIFA branded games)
If that still doesn't work, check the location below to see if there is a solution.
Windows 호환 게임Find the game in , to see if there are already known problems.
For games purchased on Steam , look for game reviews or forums. Steam Refer to the documentation to ensure that there are no problems with the Steam program.
Visit the game developer's website to verify the content related to the issue or contact the game developer for assistance.