(EN) SHAKS Gamehub App Permission Information

Hello, SHAKS Gamehub app development team is informing you.
The SHAKS Gamehub app is working hard to comply with Google Play policies.
The SHAKS Gamehub app will guide you through the required permissions used by the app under the new Google Play policy.
Internet connection You must be connected to the Internet for the latest application information, the latest firmware information for the gamepad, and application usage history analysis and consultation.
Nearby devices On Android 12 and higher, you need to allow additional permissions, including Bluetooth devices. You can find and control SHAKS Gamepad among connected products. This feature can only control SHAKS Gamepads, cannot control third-party gamepads, including Xbox(R) and PlayStation(R) controllers, and has no effect.
Draw over other apps "Draw over other apps" permission is required to edit mapping information through the mapping service. You can edit the mapping data only by pressing the button that appears on the screen.
Investigate all apps (QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES) SHAKS Gamehub application provides functions that allow customers to use their products according to the game they use. Therefore, we check the investigation of all installed apps, and we do not save the act of searching for installed apps in any form. The selected app stores and displays the app name, package address, icon, and app type (category) to provide personalized information. SHAKS Gamehub app has no impact on any app data other than its own.