topp Gaming Miracle - Windows Application Manual & Download

Download and installation

Please click here to download

Unzip “” driver file

You will find these files and folders inside.

SHAKS Automatic Installation.

Click twice on “SHAKS Automatic installation.cmd” so the files will be launched in the proper order.The SCP driver install window will launch first. Click “Install” button.
Please, note that this step will be skipped if SCP driver is already installed.
If you are asked to install device software, please click “Install”.
Please verify that installation is successful and then click “Exit”
Then the proper X-INPUT driver (x86 or x64) will be launched for your computer.
Select Language
Just click “Next” and install it as per the default value

Pairing Gamepad

Change the mod of ToppGaming Miracle to “Windows mode” then make Bluetooth registration.

Press [L1] button and [Select] button simultaneously for more than 5 sec. The power will be off
Power on then please check the led, if other led except #4 is on, please try #1 stage again.
After Power On, there is only LED#4 is on, gamepad is in Windows Mode.
* If your SHAKS Gamepad was already registered on “Android mode” at Windows PC, please remove it from the Windows Bluetooth device list and reboot Windows before start pairing.
* Kindly note that SHAKS gamepads must be registered one by one.

Execute SHAKS X-Input Program

* This program only supports for ToppGame Miracle. Please, do not use with other X-Input Gamepad and more than two SHAKS Gamepads at t he same time.**
If SHAKS Gamepad is not registered, register SHAKS Gamepad through Bluetooth.
Run SHAKS X-Input
Program detect SHAKS gamepad automatically.
To minimize application as tray icon, click minimized button
If you click right button of mouse on the tray icon, you can see the menus.
If you want to back to the dialog view from tray icon, select “Open Control Windows” menu or double click the tray icon.
If program run well, you can see “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows” device
If you want to stop X-Input mode, Click “Deactivated X-Input” button.
To check vibration at SHAKS gamepad, click on the Gamepad icon. Selected SHAKS Gamepad will vibrate for 3 sec. The windows for “O” button customiztion will be displayed from FW 190005 version and later.
Select configuration for Gamepad and a funtion for “O” button action and click “Apply” button to save.
Auto power off
The Gamepad will be power off or go into deep sleep after auto power off time.
LED Brightness
User can chagne brightness of 4 LEDs.
Virtual Mouse
If you press the “O” button, 3rd LED will be on and all gamepad operation will be used for mouse.
Left stick : Mouse move
Right stick up/down: wheel scroll
A button: Mouse Left button
B button: Mouse Right button
If you press the “O”button again, 3rd LED will be off and all gamepad operation will be normal
Sniper Mode
If you press the “O” button, 3rd LED will be on and left and right stick sensitivity will be decreased.
100%: Normal
If you press the “O”button again, 3rd LED will be off and left and right stick sensitivity will be normal
If you press the “O” button, 3rd LED will be on and selected button will be pressesed periodically when you keep pressing button.
LT, LB, RT, RB, Y, X, B, A
If you press the “O”button again, 3rd LED will be off and all button’s operation will be normal
Android Camera
If camera application is working and user press the “O” button, it will take a photo. This option works only with Android device.
Android Screen capture If user press the “O” button, screen shot will be taken. This option works only with Android device.
Android Call/Media Button
When phone rings and user press the “O” button, call will be answered. This option works only with Android device.
Saved funtion will be actived and deactived by pressing “O” button on Gamepad
Battery icon show the status of Gamepad battery.
If new Gamepad FW is available, upgrade icon will be enabled. If you want to upgrade gamepad, plug in usb cable to charge battery.
If gamepad is not charging status, you can see below message box
If upgrade is available, you can see below upgrad window.
Click “Upgrade Start!” button to upgrade. The upgrade window will show upgrade status and it will disapper after finishing upgrade. If upgrade is activated after finishing upgrade, click “exit” button.
To close program, click “Exit”
If everything went fine, you can now check the gamepad status with this tool:
Manual install of SCP Driver (only if Step 2 doesn’t work)
Execute “ScpDriver.exe” inside of “ScpDriver” folder as “administrator”
Click “yes” button at user account control.
Click “Install” button to install SCP Driver
Check “Install Succeeded” and then exit program.
Manual install of SHAKS X-Input program (only if Step 2 doesn’t work)
Execute setup program depend on user’s OS
Install SHAKS X-Input files
After this step, go back and proceed with 4. Execute SHAKS X-Input Program