Windows Shaks Application Manual

Revision History

Download and installation

Please click here to download.
Unzip “” driver file
You will find these files and folders inside after unzip the downloaded file. Please select the correct version x86 or x64.
Recently, it has become difficult to download the Xbox 360 controller driver download through the Microsoft homepage. If you absolutely need the Xbox 360 controller driver, please use the link below to download it.
For Windows 8 or later versions, you can install the Xbox 360 Controller Driver through Windows Update. You may need a little time to install.

Installation process

If the previous 1.x version is already installed, uninstall will be prompted. Uninstall old version first and re-run setup command.
The main setup window will open. Follow the installation process step by step

Registering Gamepad

Set the gamepad in "Win-MAC mode" before pairing via Bluetooth.
Change mode and power on
S2 series and S3 series: Turn on the power by pressing SHAKS logo button with pressing “Select” button. The SHAKS gamepad will remember last booting mode, you can re-connect "Win-MAC mode" by just turning on the power using SHAKS logo button.
S5 series: They have a dedicated switch for mode. So, move the switch to Win-MAC mode and turn on the power by pressing SHAKS logo button.
Check LED
S2i, S3 series, S5 series
If the SHAKS gamepad is already registered as a Bluetooth device on a Windows PC with Android mode, the below behavior is required. Since the device type ID in “Android mode” and “Win-MAC mode” are different, two different devices cannot be registered sharing the same Bluetooth MAC. Proceed like the following 1) Remove SHAKS GamePad from Windows Bluetooth devices list. 2) Turn off and on the Bluetooth device or restart Windows. 3) Set gamepad to Windows Mode and pair it again with the computer.

Run windows utility application

This program supports up to 4 x SHAKS Gamepads (S2 and higher model only)
A. If SHAKS is not paired, pair SHAKS Gamepad through Bluetooth or push SHAKS button to awaken it.
B. App will detect connected SHAKS gamepad automatically.
C. If registered gamepad is not seen, click Refresh.
D. Click the Gamepad icon to access Gamepad settings and “O” button functions.
If user clicks a gamepad icon, selected SHAKS Gamepad will vibrate for 3 sec.
E. Click the “Apply” button when done to save settings.
NOTE: The “O” button customization for Windows will only be available if S2 gamepad has 190005 FW version or higher.
[ SHAKS Gamepad Settings ]
Auto power off
LED Brightness
“O” functions will be activated and deactivated by pressing “O” button on Gamepad.
Virtual Mouse -- Only “Android” mode
Sniper Mode
Android Camera
Android Call/Media Button
Save function will be activated or deactivated by pressing Function (“O”) button.
[ Calibration ]
Left Stick, Right Stick: If there is problem on left and right stick's minimum and maximum values, correct them using calibration..
1. Select the Left or Right stick button and click the start button.
2. Move the stick to the leftmost and release it. It will go back to the center.
3. Follow the calibration process step by step.
Center position > Left position > Right position > Top position > Bottom position > Round
4. All calibration processes are finished, click the "OK" button to save the calibrated value.
L2(LT), R2(RT): If there is a problem with the Left trigger (L2 or LT) or Right trigger(R2 or RT), correct them using calibration.
1.Select the Left or Right trigger button and click the start button.
2.Pull the trigger button and release it slowly.
3.Follow the calibration process step by step.
Minimum value > Maximum value
4. All calibration processes are finished, click the "OK" button to save the calibrated value.
F. Battery icon shows the status of Gamepad battery.
G. If a new Gamepad FW is available, an upgrade icon will be enabled. If you want to upgrade the gamepad, plugin USB cable to charge the battery.
If the gamepad is not charging, you will see below the message box, canceling the update process.
H. If upgrade is available, you can see below upgrade window.
Click the “Upgrade Start!” button to upgrade. The upgrade window will show upgrade status and it will disappear after finishing the upgrade. When the upgrade is done, click the “Exit” button to go back to the main window.
I. To close the program, click “Exit”.