S2,S3,S5 Common Manual Block

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SHAKS S2i/S3i/S5i/S5b supporting four (4) modes, Android / Windows / iOS, and Mapping, each mode of which is recognized as individual device by its corresponding host game device. For example, when SHAKS is in android mode, it will connect to your android smartphone/tablet, it works like an “android Gamepad”. But, if you connect it to a windows PC, it does not work correctly (for example, haptic no function), because SHAKS says “I am in android mode”, but the PC can’t hear it, although its Bluetooth connection is made.
First, please note that S3i can be paired to one device with an exactly matched mode. It is auto re-pair to the same device once paired, but If you wish to switch from one device to another, please delete previously log data from your device to de-activate its automatic repairing feature, do the pairing process again.

Reset & Initializing to recover setup process

If any issue during setup, please reset the gamepad and your device as below.
Press ‘Pairing Button’ for 6 seconds longer to delete the stored BT profiles
On your device’s Bluetooth setting, delete all paired profiles regarding the gamepad completely to disable the auto-searching trial.
Booting your device again to confirm all cached log deleted or waiting for a while (3 seconds, automatically deleting process)
And repeat normal 3 step connection. 99.9% will be a success !!
The reset key on the gamepad is powered off by force in any emergency case.
At any stage, you can go pairing status by pressing 'Pairing Button' by pressing 6 seconds more
The last paired profile will be tried to re-connect (auto repairing feature). If fail, the next one is being tried in a sequence.
“Cached log data” can be cleared by OS by 2-5 minutes automatically. You can wait for this auto clearing process

How to use Virtual Touch (Mapping) Feature

Enjoy the various AAA touch-only games by SHAKS, name a few Genshin Impact, Roblox, Battleground, League of Legends Wild Rift, Lineage M, Call of Duty, etc.
Firstly, from Google Play, download SHAKS GameHub App.
Pair your gamepad in Touch mode, refer above “Playing on Mapping mode”
Go to GameHub App and make sure the pad is connected properly
At the bottom of the SHAKS App, click Mapping Service > Add New Game > Click the game you want to play
After following the guide on the screen and Mapping Service Manual or look tutorial video

GameHub Application

While you do not need to install the app on your mobile phone to use the gamepad, we highly recommend it so you can benefit from the following features from the mobile app.
iOS - under development, not available as of June 2021
Tips) Useful features in our Gamehub app
The options button (O) is set at default as a mouse. If you wish to change the options button into another feature besides the mouse, run the app on your device. Go under “Setting > Function Key Setting” to choose from:
- Mouse: navigate the screen or mouse-based "drag & drop" game like Angry Bird
- Sniper: Adjust the sensibility in aiming the target in a Shooting game
- Turbo: Speed up your gamin in racing games.
- Calibration of Analog stick
- and more LED brightness, sleeping time control, camera ....

How to find compatible game information

SHAKS is actively testing, verifying the compatibility with each game in each OS, device. Please visit our compatible game list for searching relative information. Or install our Android GameHub app. Here is an example of tips you can find there ;
Play Call of Duty
- In iPhone/iPad, COD is playable by S2i/S3i/S5i without any setting change. In the case of Android phones/tablets, two-way is possible.
: 1st, By using the “Touch-mapping” by ‘SHAKS GameHub" App. Please download this app from Google store, and refer to our manual.
2nd, or rename Shaks gamepad ID to “Xbox Wireless Controller” via ‘SHAKS GameHub" App. renaming feature.
- COD’s tutorial stage is not supported but in the main gaming, it should work without any issue.
The Kart Rider Rush Plus
- This was originally designed to be a touch-only game, not supporting any game controller. This is not something we can help you with.
- For Android, you can play by using our mapping service in SHAKS GameHub app downloadable from Google Playstore.

Note and Useful tips

Charge battery by charging cable from a computer or USB power charging device.
- Low battery status: Fast blinking
- Undercharging: Slow blinking
- Fully charged: Stop blinking
- It is recommended to be charged by USB cable. But you can charge it by power bank or general power charger(5V-1A) as well. When you use ‘higher charger and fast speed charger’, please do it in a short time, because this might shorten the life of the battery
iOS, iPad OS or Mac OS (Apple), Android device connected via wire, all are not compatible with mapping service. Also, all consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch is not supporting mapping mode.
In Wired connection, SHAKS Gamehub app is not working. This is under development now.
Mouse Mode works only on Android Mode. In other modes, it is not working.
iOS, iPad OS is not allowing any mapping application by their official policy.
Windows is not supporting mapping. Alternatively, you can use each game setting - key re-assignment program. For example, in the Steam game, you can edit key mapping in the controller setting menu. or try to use x360ce, Xpadder program.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE like the old version OS (6.0.1 lower) can allow only S-pen. So, not able to use the multi-touch function

FQA in troubles in initial setup

I can't connect Gamepad to PC by USB cable
In most cases, this happens because the correct sequence is not followed. Do not insert the cable first. Keep pressing "BT pairing button" then connect the cable
Bluetooth connection is not established, interrupts, or lost.
Quite often, BT scanning takes time and causes trouble. In most cases, rebooting your device will solve the problem. You can reset the gamepad by pressing the "BT" trigger button for more than 6 seconds. This will cause the gamepad to enter into pairing mode with default values (i.e deleting all previous pairings in memory).
Please check the following troubleshooting by yourself.
Pair the gamepad with other 2-3 devices to compare
Check the driver is installed as per the below section
Check any RF obstacles between device and gamepad as per the below section
Reboot the computer and check steps 1-3 again.
→ After all, if gamepad still can't be seen on the Bluetooth window, it may have a hardware defect, please contact our AS center for immediate service.
When Bluetooth connection, the gameplay is slow down, and the frame drop.
This may be due to the overload in CPU resources by your device. please release cache data in the device.
or the application running in the background in your device, clear unwanted background applications.
or it can be generated by the game itself, example is 'Assassin's Creed: Valhalla", which shows a 20-30 fps drop with BT controller on the trial version, while 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" dropped only 5 fps.
To check it if using other gamepads, there is no such issue, please contact us to check it in deep technically.
I am not able to pair Bluetooth
In a lot of cases, RF interference with the WiFi routers can cause the problem. Please set WiFi RF band from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. or manually select unused channel band among 1-13 channels in your WiFi router setting.
Delete unused BT device from your device BT setting menu, because generally there is a limitation of max BT device connection (example, Galaxy 10, 15 BT device can be paired)
Single Mac ID is recognized as a single BT device. If you switch gamepad mode (for example, Mapping mode Android), please delete the previously paired log. This is to avoid confusing one Mac ID with two-mode.
Windows connection is made correctly, but I am not able to play game
Check the mode is in Windows
Initializing the connection referring to this link
Go to your game setting menu, enable gamepad setting
Go to Shaks Windows app, do the key test
Check your BT dongle or power feeding
Go to BT setting and check BT on status: Mouse, Keyboard, Pen must be "On" connected.
How do I connect Mac PC?
Support from MacOS "Catalina and Big Sur", please set the mode as Windows Mode (Xinput). The lower version of Mac is not supporting properly due to driver conflict issue
Can I use Mapping and Andriod at the same time?
Mapping and Android mode are two different modes. Android phones can pair each one of two-mode. Switching between two-mode (Android Mapping), please DELETE the previously paired log, and pairing newly once again.
Folder a phone such as Samsung Fold2 is being supported?
With its latest upgrade to Android 11 (One UI 3.0 later), it support. Please note out and inside screen should be mapped separately
Model : Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Fold (v1), Galaxy Z Flip / Z Flip 5G
Not able to do mapping again
Delete that game from the list and add again can be solved. For example, Genshin Impact
1. Go to the mapping service menu
2. Select Genshin Impact from the registered list
3. Select the "Delete" option - then it will be disappeared
4. Add again Genshi in the "new game list"
5. Do again mapping edit mode
Connected to my device but was not able to play or pairing
99% case, this is due to mode miss-matching. Do reconnect by initializing your device and S5b and pair again as above process.

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