Comparison between Octopus and SHAKS의 사본

- Embedded in the system default. No asking for any private data. Free to user without any extra-fee - Once the mapping config is completed, Shaks direct access to game without app run backgroud. So, it is asking another CPU loading, very low latency. - Immediate booting and ready to play
- Enlarge SHAKS gamepad compatibility. - Support all Android phone and its external display via HDMI docking product
1. Down & install from Playstore 2. Run game 3. Mapping edit, save it 4. Play game
- Basic App is free with watching AD, but "Premium (2$)" to store private "game data" into Google account. Or it allows only guest account access. And for advanced touch features, another 6$ needs to pay. - While Octopus is running, the gamepad can't support its compatible game, because all input data work as touch-mapping only.
- It works on all android-compatible gamepad.
- Octopus run the game app inside Octopus app, which mean it can monitor all the data processing, so it creates risks; → For the user, hacking his personal data including PW/id, gameplay data, history → For the game publishers, his game data is being leaked to 3rd party. So, they monitor always and can ban it to use for user protection - "Run over App" way increases system loading, which may cause "latency", "long booting time", "slow reaction", "battery dry out" etc.
panda Pro ($2.5 payable), user is being required to open "USB debug port" and "input code" to allow its installation.